Supreme Commander

At the moment (2007) I almost exclusively play Supreme Commander, so it's no wonder this is the first game I made a mod for.

All tech

Don't you hate choosing a faction? Well I do, I would like to 'play' with all the cool toys. Therefore I made this little mod, it let's you 'summon' all factions subcommanders from any quantum gate. This way you get access to other factions' technology after building a quantum gate.


Feel free to download this mod....

For basic Supreme CommanderallTech.scd
For the add-on Forced Alliances.allTechFA.scd

Both mods are single files whom you place in the confirming game's gamedata folder. After that the mod should appear in you're mod manger the next time you start the game.

As far I know it works with all versions. Drop me a note if you like it (or not). Have fun!

Best viewed with Firefox or Seamonkey at 1024x768 or higher resolution.