About me

Almost mandatory on a personal website, I think, is the need for a little 'About me' page.

So here goes....

I Live in the Netherlands and my full name is ing. Roland Melkert. The ing. stands for 'ingenieur' (Engineer or Bachelor degree. I've studied Information technology and specialized myself into application development and implementation)

Currently I'm working fulltime in my own small software company XZale Software. I mainly do custom Delphi and HP web development for small companies.

My spare time I like to fill with watching good movies and series, playing PC Games and programming on private projects.

Some things I like are:

  • Programming (Delphi, php, C++)
  • TV (Best invention ever!)
  • Cabaret (Stand up comedy)
  • Electronics
  • Science
  • Pets
  • Music (Alternative, Dance, Metal, Rock, Rap, and Some pop)
  • Cartoons and comic books (Who decided it is for kids!)
  • Playing a game like Grand Theft Auto 3, Supreme Commander and Half life 2 once and a while

Some things I dislike:

  • Most sports (What so special about those balls anyway?)
  • Soap opera's
  • Reality TV
  • Racism
  • Meaningless wars
  • Correct spelling and grammar (Damn it Jim!, I am a programmer not a writer).
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