History of this site and it's ancestors

This page will provide information on site changes and additions. This page will contain broken links overtime because the site changes and history not :)


  • Removed the LD4DModeler pages in favor of the new LD4DStudio software, which as of version 1.1 completely replaces LD4DModeler functionality wise.
  • Added a generic software section in preparation of some other freeware I'm working on.


  • Upgraded the site to use the new version of my cms. The new version is more flexible (in preparation of
  • Added stuff to the Supreme Commander mods page
  • Also did my best to get the whole site validated as XHTML 1.0 strict through








  • Once again I gave the site a face lift. I also moved it to another server. This server is owned and maintained by my company so basically I can do what I want here :)
  • I only moved the LD4Dmodeler and intro pages to the new site. But my LDraw pages will follow somewhere in the future. Things are kinda slow with that hobby anyway. It seems I like programming on LDraw tools more then using them.
  • Put up a simple phpBB forum for LD4DModeler, I'm hoping to gain some feedback and ideas for the new version that way, so sign up!


  • Cancelled the film and video area, it's still there but it will not get expanded the way I wanted initially. Instead of that section I've started a Dutch website named with the same goal on a higher level (dynamic content, interactive, etc)
  • Also the LD4DModeler project is on the brink of cancellation, due to the lack of feedback. I will decide it's fate on my next site update.


  • It's been a while but I've managed to update the site again.
  • Reviewed whole site's content and corrected it to the present time accordingly.
  • I also got my very own Domain,, whom is currently redirected to this site.
  • LD4DModeler Finally went 1.0. It's not perfect jet but I think it's stable enough for release now. Also I'am planning a second version, see the LD4DModeler pages for more information
  • Updated the links
  • Updated my cv
  • Updated the delphi page


  • Put up Beta 3 of LD4DModeler
  • Also updated related text and images to sync with the newer beta 3 interface


  • Validated, and corrected accordingly,the whole site at
  • Changed some pages layout to get them valid.







  • Put up Beta 2 of LD4DModeler
  • Also updated many related text and images to sync with the newer beta 2 interface


  • Uploaded redesigned site
  • Site is more Lego/freeware focused now



  • Some minor changes
  • Decided to drop the my video collection section in the near future, due to future space needing activities in the freeware section. Further more I didn't get the kind of feed back I was hoping for.


  • Decided to upload the site to chello, overwriting the crappie 10% finished current main site
  • This upload united all my former sub sites to one big 'beautiful' website (I hope)


  • Put some more effort into the writing of the site by spending an entire weekend writing content for it :)
  • Also made the final adjustments to the HTML exporting plugin of VCR so the resulting pages will be fully integrated into the new site structure.

Mid 2001

  • Decided to make a new integrated personal, hobby, freeware / video collection website.

Late 2000

  • Decided to make a personal website but never finished the job!
  • Put my video collection online by creating an export plugin for VCR.
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